Spring Newsletter

The 2018 Friends AGM  

Our 16th AGM was held on Monday evening 1st October 2018 in McDonald Road library,    with a good attendance of 27 members.

The formal business comprised reports from Chair Eileen Dickie and Treasurer Maggie McClure on the previous year’s activities, including our ever popular Garden Party (more information on this elsewhere in the newsletter).

Our committee for 2018-19 is ………..
Chair                  Eileen Dickie
Vice Chair         vacant (due to the departure from Edinburgh of Bren Knights)
Secretary          Christine Savill
Treasurer         Maggie McClure
Members          Kathleen Hughes, Olive Hill, Mitchell Manson & Andrew Johnson

Our invited speaker this year was Charlotte Neary who is Community and Volunteer Coordinator for the Water of Leith Conservation Trust.    She spoke in detail about the work of the Trust in conserving and enhancing the habitat of the river for the benefit of both the wildlife and the visitors.   The majority of this work is carried out by around 150 volunteers.    The Water of Leith is a precious resource, a green corridor with nearly 13 miles of walkway through the middle of our city, much of it hidden from sight.    It also has an impressive industrial history having once supported 76 water mills.     The Trust has a Visitor Centre at Slateford which has a wealth of information and some hands-on displays – fun for all the family.

Thanks to all those who contributed to this Newsletter.  Special thanks are   due once again to Hacking & Paterson, 103 East London Street, for colour printing this Newsletter for the Friends.


Plans to hold the Garden Party on 26th August had to be cancelled at the last minute in view of the awful weather forecast.  Turned out to be a good decision in the end as the rain poured down that day.  We rescheduled for the 2nd September and were rewarded with a dry day and even the occasional sunny spells.

Garden P 1

Antonio & Tony

Unfortunately this meant that the band could not attend as they were booked elsewhere. However it was a lovely afternoon and well attended by all age groups. You will find a good selection of pictures on our website. Conversation flowed along with the refreshments for which we must again thank Tony from Vittoria’s. The pizza and pasta were great, as was the liquid refreshment!

We are planning the Garden Party for 2019 and intend to reinstate the practice of holding it earlier in the summer before the height of the tourist season and before the festival gets underway. So look out for more information on that coming soon!

Garden P 2

Scott Thomson (our Park Officer) offered FHCG these tree markers to replace the very badly vandalised plaques.   After a lot of thought, and after seeing one destined for Figgate Park, we were pleased to say yes.    We think that they will weather in time, and we hope young folk will enjoy making rubbings of the leaves.

Unfortunately, the information on the post for the Monkey Puzzle is not accurate – we hope that this will be corrected in the very near future.

There have been a few adverse comments about these posts.  If you would like to be part of any future decision making and discussions with our Parks Officer and Ranger, PLEASE volunteer to join the Committee.   Don’t wait for the AGM later in the year. Act now!         

Phone 0131 557 9912 or e-mail: secretary@hopetouncrescentgarden.org.uk

Thanks to the unknown Garden Fairies who regularly pick up litter in HCG.    They Garden fairiesnearly make the monthly clean-ups redundant  – except that these are a good way of meeting the neighbours and Friends.



If anyone has any photographs taken in HCG, which you would like to see on the website or in the next Newsletter please send to: eileen.hopetoun@blueyonder.co.uk       © will be acknowledged.


PAth 1

Tidying up the edges of the paths and the flags at the gates.


PAth 2

A new path through the centre of the Garden -– laid in October 2018


Spray painting in Sept 2018 – very quickly cleaned