Willow Weaving Workshop

Here are some pictures from the Willow Weaving Workshop held in the garden on the 26th of March. A huge vote of thanks to Trevor Leat Willow Weaver extraordinaire for his time and expertise. Many thanks also to all the volunteers from all walks of life including the Co-op, abrdn, and the Friends of the garden. We hope we have made new friends and enhanced the garden. Quite a few little kids, (and big kids!), having fun with it already. We will be moving onto the next phase of the children’s area, seats and stepping stones, as soon as we can.

The finished articles. The Willow Tunnel and one of the three compost bins. The initiative was part funded by Scotland’s Climate Festival, and we appreciate their support.

New additions to the garden

Many thanks to George Lucasz for his help in planting two new apple trees in the garden. Thanks also to Jenny and Graham for their efforts on Saturday. We will be putting up espalier wires to train the branches soon. The trees are James Grieve and Cutler Grieve species. The apples were cultivated by James Grieve in his nursery at Redbraes very close by on Broughton Road. We are looking forward to munching on these!

We also transplanted two cherry blossom trees which were encroaching too close to the ground floor flats. All in all, a good day’s work.

Winter’s end?

On 17th February a sharp eyed FHCG member spotted a large, broken, branch caught high up in the trees near the McDonald Road end of the garden and reported it.

Delighted to state that on the 18th the council workers dealt with the issue and removed it, preventing a potentially dangerous crash to the ground. The storms are taking their toll on our trees and the Friends volunteers are trying to collect the larger branches for future use.

But not to worry, despite the foul weather, we are beginning to see the fruits of our bulb planting. Some shoots of colour and spring buds are appearing, and we hope for a bumper flowering soon.