Winter’s end?

On 17th February a sharp eyed FHCG member spotted a large, broken, branch caught high up in the trees near the McDonald Road end of the garden and reported it.

Delighted to state that on the 18th the council workers dealt with the issue and removed it, preventing a potentially dangerous crash to the ground. The storms are taking their toll on our trees and the Friends volunteers are trying to collect the larger branches for future use.

But not to worry, despite the foul weather, we are beginning to see the fruits of our bulb planting. Some shoots of colour and spring buds are appearing, and we hope for a bumper flowering soon.

Working in the Garden

Three excellent Edinburgh Council workers from the Park Rangers giving our lovely trees the necessary trim of beard and haircuts for the winter. Jess and Mark on the right are students working in the garden as part of their university course.
Martin. Jess and Mark. Many Thanks