The Friends


Our 2013 AGM, our 11th, was held on Sunday 29th September at 2.30pm in McDonald Road Library. The agenda comprised the Chair’s review of the year 2012-13, financial statement from the Treasurer, election of new committee and guest speaker, John Frater. Eileen Dickie reported on the ups and downs of the previous year. We have a new Environment Manager for our area in James Hunter and have had several meetings with him. We have a good relationship with the officials and the Park Rangers and appreciate what they do despite the present financial restraints. We have succeeded in getting new slabs laid in front of the benches and in having notices put up asking dog walkers to keep their pets away from growing spring flowers. However, there is still much work to be done in getting our paths upgraded, the railings painted and the ubiquitous dockens eradicated. Another ongoing area of concern is the use of the garden by groups of drinkers. We have met with various social services and voluntary bodies, local councillors and the police to discuss the issue. Efforts are being made by local Friends groups, supported by the Council, to present a collective voice – strength in numbers. This is being done in two ways; by creating a city-wide Friends Forum with an online presence and by forming local alliances, for example we are now part of Friends of Leith Parks. Alex Hill asked about progress on updating our website, which is a task outstanding, and volunteered his own services an offer which was readily accepted. Committee members are Eileen Dickie, Mitchell Manson, Christine Savill, Maggie McClure, Bill Chalmers, Andrew Johnston and Susanna Beaumont – the same as last year! We would really like another two or three members – any volunteers?

New volunteer – WELCOME Brenchley Knights 

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